Buy airline tickets through SalamAvia - save your time and money!

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Buy air tickets without commissions and overpayments with the SalamAvia service

We are glad to inform you that SalamAvia is with you again! Now, in the SalamPay mobile application, you can not only send money transfers, but also buy air tickets without commissions and overpayments. With the SalamAvia service you can travel around Russia or fly to your homeland by buying air tickets directly from your smartphone.

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10 811₽
10 230₽



13 339₽
12 566₽


13 311₽
12 573₽


12 820₽
12 112₽
Average values, prices at different box offices may vary

Benefits of buying tickets through SalamAvia


    Do not overpay at the ticket offices. If you decide to buy a ticket, compare prices with SalamAvia, we are MORE PROFITABLE!

  • Saving your time

    Buy tickets directly in the SalamPay app and do not waste time going to the ticket office and waiting in line. Ticket offices work on schedule, and you can buy a ticket through SalamAvia around the clock, at any time convenient for you, directly from your smartphone

  • Choose your dates and time of departure

    When buying tickets through SalamAvia, you can check in real time the availability of tickets for the dates of departure and arrival convenient for you, as well as see their cost.

  • Security

    All financial transactions carried out through the SalamPay mobile application are safe for customers. When purchasing tickets through SalamAvia, you receive an electronic ticket and receipt from the airline, and your personal data is protected.

  • Convenient service

    Buy a ticket through SalamAvia will be able even to those who have never purchased tickets online. The service is as simple and clear as possible for users, so buying a ticket home is not difficult.

  • Сustomer support in native language

    If you have any questions about purchasing tickets through SalamAvia, they will always be answered by our support service, which works in five languages: Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Kyrgyz and Azerbaijani. Mon-Fri from 08:00 to 21:00 Sat-Sun from 08:00 to 17:00

  • Caring for loved ones

    With SalamAvia, you can buy tickets not only for yourself, but also for your friends. You can also take care of your near and dear ones who are going to visit you and buy tickets in the application for them.

Still have questions?

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How do I buy a ticket?

To buy a ticket you need:

- Click the “Buy a ticket” button on the main page of the application;
- Select the “Buy tickets“ button;
- Specify the direction of flight - from where and where you are flying;
- Select the date, number of people and flight class;
- Click on the “Find flights“ button;
- Choose a suitable flight and ticket fare;
- Click on the “Buy ticket“ button;
- Choose the gender and nationality of passengers;
- Fill in full name, date of birth, passport data;
- Confirm the correctness of the specified data;
- Click on the “Continue“ button;
- Check the ticket details before paying;
- Click on the “Buy ticket” button;
- Enter the details of the bank card from which the funds will be debited for the ticket payment;
- Confirm the withdrawal of funds from the card (by entering the code from the SMS message received from the bank);

The ticket you bought will be displayed in the "My flights" section.

How can I pay for the air ticket?

Payment for the purchase of an air ticket takes place only in the SalamPay mobile application using a bank card issued in Russia.

How can I check in for a flight online?

Online check-in opens 24 hours in advance. After that, you can go to the airline's website and register online yourself.

How many hours before departure do I need to be at the airport?

As a rule, check-in for international flights begins 3 hours and ends 40 minutes before the departure of the aircraft. We recommend that you arrive at the airport in advance to pass all types of control and pre-flight procedures.

How much luggage can I carry for free?

The free baggage allowance depends on the airline and the fare of the ticket you plan to buy. You will be able to get acquainted with the baggage information during the booking of the ticket.

Can I return the ticket?

Yes, a refund of the ticket is possible if it is provided for by the fare of your ticket. The SalamPay application does not charge any fees for the return and purchase of air tickets, but there are additional fees that may be charged by the airline. The amount of these fees is determined at the time of ticket refund.