What is SalamPay?

SalamPay is a zero-fee mobile app, specifically designed for people who continue to care for their loved ones when away from home. The application uses the most advanced data protection and bill payment systems - no one except the owner of the device will be able to manage the app without receiving the device owner’s consent.

The app allows you to:

  • send money for no fee at a favorable exchange rate to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan;
  • track transfer status online;
  • compare the SalamPay exchange rate with the rates offered by other money transfer systems.

To start using the app, first you need to install it on your mobile device, and complete the simple registration process

How do I download and install the SalamPay mobile app?

You can find and install the SalamPay mobile app in the Play Market or the App Store by typing “SalamPay” in the search bar.

If you have trouble finding the mobile app, tap the "Install" icon on this page.

Where can I send money?

You can send money to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.

The transfer amount is generated in rubles and sent to the receiver in US dollars or the national currency in the country where your transfer is being sent. There are no fees charged for transferring money.

You can view the exchange rate and compare it with the rates offered by other payment systems when sending money — the application will automatically calculate and display the difference between the amounts the recipient would receive.

After the money is sent, you can track the transfer status in the app - all you need is a stable internet connection. When the money reaches the receiver, you will automatically be sent a push notification.

How do I send money?

To send money, tap the "Transfers" button at the bottom of the screen in the app, then follow the instructions on the screen. Do not forget that you will need an identity document (passport) and your registration details (residence permit/temporary residence permit) to fill out the sender information and make your first transfer.

You can send money using any bank card issued in Russia.

How do I receive money?

You can receive money has been sent through the app at the branches of SalamPay partner banks in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan.

The list of partner banks with branch addresses and contact details is available in the "Offices" section in the application and on

In order to receive money, the receiver must produce their passport, and also provide the transfer number and amount transferred.